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Our Insights > My SEO Checklist for Business Owners

My SEO Checklist for Business Owners

30 March 2015

Is your website optimised to appear well in the search engines? Are you optimised for the right search terms?

SEO is about making your website easy for the robots that control search engines to understand. Although SEO is changing all the time, search engines still can’t think the way a human can, so you have to play the game their way.

This SEO checklist will help you make sure you have done everything you can to optimise your search rankings and reach your target audience online.

Answer these questions to complete your own comprehensive SEO audit:


  1. Is Google Analytics installed?


  1. Do you have webmaster tools installed?


  1. Do you have a title tag on each page?


  1. Do you have a meta-description on each page?


  1. Have you made sure your page’s index status is not “no-index” or “no-follow”?


  1. Do you have an optimised H1 tag on each page?


  1. Are your images optimised?
  • The image name should contain the keyword eg: “paid-search-specialist.jpg”
  • Does your image have an Alt attribute set? This should describe the picture, and ideally contain the keyword you are targeting for.
  • Does your image have a caption including relevant optimised keywords?


  1. Do you have a robots.txt file? Is it blocking the right search engines?


  1. Do you have a sitemap?
  • Do you have a sitemap.xml or sitemap.xml.gz file?
  • Has your sitemap been submitted to webmaster tools?


How did your website fare? If you have identified one too many issues that need attention, and feel that you need some professional guidance, give me a call and I’d be happy to help you through any issues.