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Our Insights > How to Merge Your Google Local Listing with Your Google+ Brand Page

How to Merge Your Google Local Listing with Your Google+ Brand Page

10 January 2022

Do you feel like your Google listings are like islands in a sea of search results, promoting the same brand but existing separately?

When visitors search your company name, your Google+ page will appear in the Google organic search results. It’s also where you engage with your followers and target audience. Completely separate is your Google Local page, which contains reviews and appears on Google Maps searches. Historically, the two have existed in tandem, without any interaction – social content and follower growth plays no part in your local listing traffic, and vice versa.

It’s frustrating, I know.

Well, in this article, I’ll talk you through how you can merge your Google Local listing with your Google+ brand page, so they can coexist in a more symbiotic way, for better search rankings in the future.


Maximise Your Google Listings


1 in 3 searches on Google is local. Yes, 33% of searches on Google are related to location. That’s why every business should take their place in the Google+ directory of all businesses on the internet to maximise their visibility in search results.

Many business, though, are confused about where they need to be listed and how functions like Google Local and Google Maps relate to Google+. Some are frustrated, too, that they have to create separate but duplicate brand listings on Google Maps, Google Local and on Google Plus, without any interconnectedness between services.

Many brands have more than one G+ page, a local listing that shows in the SERPs next to the main search results, and a seperate G+ page that they setup, with the brand, followers and reviews, and custom URL.

But how can you get these two platforms working together?

Thankfully, Google have announced a new function that will take elements of your Google Local page and combine them into your Google+ brand page. By combining your Google services, you’ll benefit from the localisation of your local page, while maintaining the brand, reviews, followers and custom url of your Google+ page.

Put simply, you’ll benefit from far greater visibility. All reviews, maps and address information can be transferred from your local to your brand pages.




So how do you do it? Well, let me talk you through it. Here’s my step-by–step guide to merging your Google Local Listing with your brand Google+ page.


Step 1: Login to your Google+ account, select ‘Pages’ from the left-hand navigation , choose your Local page and click ‘Manage This Page.’

Step 2: Choose ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Link A Different Page to This Location’. Choose your main Google+ brand page that you would like to connect to Google Maps. Wait for a message confirming that the two accounts are linked. Your Google+ brand page should now display a Verified Local Badge (tick mark) below its main icon.

That’s it…

I strongly recommend merging your Google Local listing with your brand Google+ page as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll notice a major improvement in your online visibility. Still not sure why or how to link them up? Get in touch, today. I’m your outsourced digital director and will be happy to help.