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Our Insights > Do You Own Your Analytics?

Do You Own Your Analytics?

10 September 2021

Are your analytics out of your hands?


“Rather than relying on decisions based on gut feelings, businesses are infusing analytics into everything” 


Analytics are a valuable business asset. They generate valuable statistics about visitors to your site which help you improve your website, and can be leveraged for better outcomes and competitive advantage. They give you real time, hard data that helps you tailor your online experience.

Unfortunately, though, their value is often overlooked and, what’s more, they are often out of the control or ownership of whoever owns the website.

As a website owner, you should take ownership of your analytics, and establish complete control over who has access to your analytics account. Depending on whether you are setting up analytics for a new site or taking back control of analytics on an existing site, I have a few top tips to help put the power back in your hands.


Setting Up New Analytics:


Whenever I set up a new analytics account, I’ll always opt to do so on a domain email. On my website domain, for example, I ensured that I set up the analytics on a email address like [email protected], and then give users access as required thereafter.

When giving users access its important to assess what level of access they need. Profile view permissions are often enough for most analysis. If a user is making configuration changes, or managing sub users, it may be better to give account access. One often overlooked aspect of this is when users create a second analytics account for a separate project, and by default give all the same people complete access.

If you’re unsure, or need some help configuring analytics, please get in touch….


For Existing Analytics:


Often when I start work with a new business, my requests for analytics data are met with a blank expression, followed by “I’ll ask my web developer”. It always surprises me how business owners across the board entrust their privileged analytics data to their web developer or designer. You wouldn’t want to grant your web developer access to your financial information, so why your privileged analytics data?


If you are unsure as to whether you have analytics installed, or don’t know who has access to this information, I urge you to act NOW! Follow the checklist below to ensure you’re covered:


  1. Do you have analytics installed?


  • A quick way to check is to open the website in a browser, right click and click ‘view source’ (or go into the developers menu).
  • Search the source for “UA-”
  • You should find something resembling “UA-xxxxxx-x” (‘x’s will be numbers). If you do, great! You likely have analytics. If not, don’t panic analytics may be installed using tag manager.
  • Contact us, and we can verify your analytics for you.


  1. Do you have the login details for your analytics?



  1. What to do next?


  • Once you are logged in, click Admin at the top, select your account. Click ‘User Management’ to view a full list of users. If it says that you don’t have permission, contact us
  • If you can see a list of users, it means you have account level permissions. You, as the owner, should have Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyse access.
  • Next, check who else has account privileges.
  • Now, click into a property, and view users with access there (User Management). If you don’t recognise the email, it’s best to ascertain who they are and why they have access before removing. We have heard of clients having to pay to reconfigure systems because of removing a critical user from analytics. The point is that you should know exactly who owns each email and the level of access they require for what they need to do.


Follow this check-list, and take back control of your analytics. They are a real asset to your business and, when used correctly, can help you vastly improve your online presence and tailor your customer experience.

If you have any questions about how to reclaim your analytics, or any other aspect of your website management, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I’d be more than happy to help!